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FOX News
Jul 9, 2013 7:00pm PDT
.com. greatcall-- people you can count on. >>> republican members of congress are blasting the white house for all the obama care delays. the employer mandate protects fat cats, leaving american families to bear the burden. senator lee author of the book why john roberts is wrong about health care joins us. did i correctlyuote you about fat cats? >> yes, the president's corporate cronies are getting a break, while hardworking americans are going to be required to comply with the mandate. the president doesn't have the authority as you know, to rewrite the law after congress has passed it, the president said he's not ready to implement the law. if he's not ready to implement it, we shouldn't fund it, the american people should not be required to pay for what they're not getting. we need to defund the implementation of obama care. >> is it not ready for 2014? when it's supposed to happen? is it because they just couldn't get their act together, sort of the inefficiencies of government or it's too big and complicated? or is it a political ploy because there are u.s. senators in the democratic party u
FOX News
Jul 12, 2013 12:00pm PDT
before the comments. >> about a week before president obama's comments at the white house, in fact trayvon martin's parents held a news conference to express their outrage about the lack of any arrest. listen. >> as in a father, i don't know what to say. i'm hurt. i feel betrayed by the sanford police department. and it's no way i can still trust them in investigating this crime. >> very emotional moment there. we missed him getting choked up. the emotion expressed by a lot of people who turned out for these kind of marchs, that we saw, and everybody might remember this picture, tweeted by lebron james of the miami heat. the entire tweet, not the picture. the entire team turning up in hoodies as an expression of support for the trayvon martin family. this has been a very emotional case from the beginning. >> thank you for the look back. when we come back after this quick break we'll talk with chris wallace, who is an cor of pox fox news sunday." we'll ask you about the stunner from d.c., the homeland security secretary, janet napolitano says she is out. ♪ if you have high cholest
Jul 6, 2013 5:00pm EDT
housing issues under president obama and served as an advisor to the new secretary of housing and urban development, shaun donovan, for the first 100 days. so his wife is a jennifer bradley she has worked so hard and co-authored turner and strategies for ohio and michigan. she worked hard to affirm the constitutional powers of local government. and former mayor of washington dc, anthony williams. he is now the federal city council head, which focuses on creative and administrative talents of washington's business and getting them to focus on the major problems and opportunities facing the district. he restored the city's finances as mayor, improved governance, lowered taxes, invested in infrastructure. but we will get back to that. he served as the independent chief financial officer for the district. so this is an important channel, a lot of people thinking about the things that we will talk about. the book, as you will see as he walked in, it touches on a lot of interesting points. and i want to read one paragraph that caught my eye and ask bruce to address it. the metropolitan revolu
Jul 10, 2013 3:00am PDT
of the congressional black caucus with president obama at the white house yesterday. and clinton yates from "the washington post" in studio with us. we'll go right to doha. but first -- >> this is the "full court press." >> other headlines making news on this wednesday another former today show host has landed her own daytime talk show. meredith vieira will begin hosting a syndicated tv show in the fall of 2014 which will basically be like any other daytime talk show according to "usa today." it will resemble her actual living room at home using her actual furniture and family photos. and she said she will use skills she developed on "the view," "today" and "60 minutes." >> bill: i like meredith vieira. she's a great talent. >> i agree. >> newt gingrich wants to establish that moon colony. a couple of democrats want to prepare for it. proposing legislation to establish a national historical park on the surface of the moon at the spot where is the apollo mission landed between 1969 and '72. "the hill" reports donna edwards and johnson want to create the park to protect the landing sites because o
FOX News
Jul 7, 2013 9:00am PDT
lawsuits against the obama white house. pittsburgh church officials want to know how the department of health and human services developed the onerous regulations and they have been stonewalled at every turn. the feds told them that responding to freedom of information requests as to how the obamacare architects created the new rules will cost about $2 million and a wait of five years. a lawyer for the diocese rightly calls it a shocking disregard for their obligations as government officials. some would add that such disregard is deepl deep rootede extraordinary deepening paganism that makes a mockery between the separation of church and state. small wonder the "wall street journal" calls the affordable care act a fiasco for the ages. how does the president utter the words of the national anthem while pursuing a blatant attack on our birth right and how do vice president biden and nancy pelosi both loudly professed catholics defend their schilling for that violation of church teaching. biden went on record saying obama care is no threat to religious liberty. as for ms. pelosi she f
Jul 9, 2013 4:00am PDT
in the summer if you have a tiller. >> fun in the sun? come to my house and do my garden. >>> president obama meets with the congressional black calk taos talk about the economy. it's their first meeting since the supreme court decision last month that stripped out a key provision of the voting rights act. >>> first lady michelle obama hosted the second annual kids state dinner and will recognize winners of the healthy lunchtime challenge. >>> i'm richard lui along with bill karins. thanks for watching "early today." you have a very good day.
Jul 12, 2013 8:00pm PDT
. >> this is a top priority for president obama. it's a legacy issue for president obama. what can he do given the republican house? does it help if he gets involved and starts making the case with this with the public or does it drive them further away? >> in the senate, you saw the president and the administration taking a back seat. they led the senators take on the conversation. they were influencing from behind the scenes but there was no public display. that's changed completely in the house. the president met with the hispanic caucus -- caucus a few days ago andt was one of messages, get out and push this to the house. >> what about janet napolitano? announced today s's leaving to head the university of california system. the department of homeland security has been a vigorous player in the immigration debate. a lot of deportations but also enacting the dream act executive actions. what does her departure mean? >> she's been the salesperson for this bill. she's testified before all sorts of committees that deal with border security. citizenship, visas, everything, i.c.e. , customs prote
Jul 9, 2013 5:00pm EDT
of the white house with michelle obama. >> become a leader. he you are more than equipped -- you are more than equipped to do it. keep working hard. >> they had a surprise visitor. >> usually, i get invited. i do not would -- i do not know what happened. >> he praised the group for leading country to healthier living. >> you were going to have a better life. you are also going to create a stronger, healthier america. >> pretty exciting. lady asked them to encourage other children to be more active. that will do it for us at 5:00. abc 7 news at 6:00 starts right now. captioned by the national captioning institute >> this is breaking news. >> it is coming from metro, where a train has ended up on the wrong tracks. >> at the beginning of the evening rush, the blue -- and orange train went down the blue line tracks. jay korff is live. >> we are live here on the platform. this is the upper level. this is the lower level. this is where this all started. aroundng to a passenger, 3:00, and orange line train didn't go that way. it was an unknown or signal issue of some sort. it went
Jul 11, 2013 4:00pm PDT
to be barack obama in the white house. whatever the rules are now they got to be the rules whether it's rick perry or michele bachmann sitting where they are now. >> cenk: how much more could they abuse our privacy than barack obama has done? i guess a lot. to think that obama is a good guy makes no sense when his actions don't indicate that. he's theoretically a constitutional law professor but i'm not sure that he has read the constitution. >> since snowden, since the snowden affair happened, booz allen stock has gone up. you've got the current director of national intelligence came to the job of the white house from booz allen. and it's director is now vice president of booz allen. so this whole fear incorporated mentality is just a self perpetuateing cash cow for a lot of people. >> cenk: fear incorporating is a good word. ana, you have more? >> i wanted to talk about public opinion when it comes to snowden. when news first broke in june, pugh researchpugh research asked what should happen? 54% said lock up the leaker, 38% said let him go. recently the numbers have flipped. 34% said pros
FOX News
Jul 9, 2013 6:00am PDT
military's ouster of president mohammed morsi. white house press secretary jay carney says the obama administration is not willing to call this move a coup. >> we'll take the time necessary to review what has taken place and monitor effort by egyptian authorities to forge an inclose yuf and democratic way forward. i think it would not be in the best interests of the united states to immediately change our assistance programs to egypt. not just i, we think it would not in the best interests of the united states to do that. martha: let's see what kentucky senator rand paul thinks about this. welcome back to the program. what's your reaction to what jay carney had to say? >> let me translate what jay carney is saying. he's saying i'm going to ignore the law. the law says that when a military coup happens foreign aid should end. we are not suppose to be in favor of supporting military overthrow of democrat you canally elected government. i'm no fan of the muslim brotherhood because i don't think they should have been given money because they appeared after a military coup as well. the pr
Jul 9, 2013 7:00pm EDT
to talk now about health care. it seems another day, another costly delay for obama care. the white house now quietly notifying smokcompanies to limi smoker's numbs for a year. now the small business exchange provision was delayed until 2015 and last week the white house unexpectedly delayed the major employer mandate. a move which house republicans sharply criticized today. take a listen. >> the president's actions on obama care last week were stunning. we think strongly that the president's actions were unfair, that we ought to also remove this mandate from the individuals. because it's just not fair to sit here and impose on the people of this country this mandate while letting business off free. >> republicans have also asked the health and human services to respond to them by next week, an investigation into what went on into eliminating or postponing that mandate, but does the question have the legal right to tinker with the law passed by congress? here now is stanford law professor and former u.s. court of an peoples judge michael mcconnell who wrote the op-ed today in the "wall st
FOX News
Jul 12, 2013 4:00pm PDT
happened, president obama was asked about it at the white house and he said this: listen. >> you know, if i had a son, he would look like trayvon. and, you know, i think they are right to expect that all of us as americans are going to take this with the seriousness it deserves and that we are going to get to the bottom of exactly what happened. >> but this was also republican primary season and republican candidates were also forced to weigh in. listen again. >> the fact that law enforcement didn't immediately go after and prosecute this case is another chilling example of, you know, the horrible decisions made by people in this process. >> it is entirely appropriate for the district attorney and to be looking into this and to have called a grand jury and to find out what the facts are. >> finding out what the facts are. at that point, or at that time, there was at least political agreement on this case, which has split so many people, harris. >> harris: even if you extrapolate the politicians, the family of trayvon martin has been drawing attention to this long before they even saw
Jul 9, 2013 4:00am PDT
. plus, buyers from abroad and the role they play in america's housing recovery. and, a trader follows president obama's lead on investing in africa. first business starts now! you're watching first business: financial news, analysis, and today's investment ideas. good morning! it's tuesday, july 9. in today's first look: second-quarter earnings season starts with two companies topping expectations. both alcoa and wd40 turned in better- than-predicted results - but alcoa's revenue fell short, and wd's forecast was shy. stocks rallied in anticipation of earnings. the dow gained 89, the nasdaq 6 and the s&p 8. gold added on $22 and oil lost 40 cents, ending around $103 per barrel. a much-anticipated vote happens today with fdic members potentially approving tougher rules on banks. barnes and noble ceo william lynch is resigning. shares fell 2% when the news broke after the close. lincoln ellis of strategic financial group joins us now for a look at the headline stories happening on the trading floor. good morning to you, lincoln. - good morning. - alcoa's earnings are out. does it set an
Jul 9, 2013 1:30am PDT
. they got discouraged. john louis said if it wasn't for freedom summer, barack obama wouldn't be in the whies how white house. 40 years from now our children are going to see a better criminal defense public defense system because of you. so our lawyers are changing the world. public defenders are changing the world everyday and you don't realize it because you are caught up in this wrath of injustice. part of it is supporting the public defenders to advocate with stories to try to get the resources that we need and to ultimately build a movement where the voices are too loud. you can't ignore the voices saying. remember what gideon said, this is a civil rights issue and we need to shame the country into stepping up to the plate. >> if anyone wants to learn more about gideon's promise i have borrow brochure. the website is gideon's >> can you tell us about your personal story ? >> my personal story came in 1991. i was convicted of second degree murder of shooting into an occupied car and attempted murder. it all erupted from the area i was from. i was from the
Jul 9, 2013 5:30am EDT
, dining, showing off their creations during the kids steak dinner at the white house. the second year, first lady, michelle obama, hosted a steak dinner for children and families. you are looking at video from the event. she is inviting kids who won the healthy lunchtime challenge. the cookbook will be available on line next month. >>> when you get ready to parachute. you hope nothing goes wrong. >> that was not the case for a man. he was sweating it out before the big plunge. >>> how this guy, where is he? there he is. got himself stuck in the middle of a fast moving river and it appears he had nowhere to go. thank you for joining us, i'm megan pringle. a live look at the inner harbor. things are off to a great start. >> looks like a calm morning right now. what about the rest of the day? here is lynette charles to let you know what you are in store for. >>> it's not going to be calm in to the afternoon. we will see showers and storms popping up across the area. mailed's most powerful radar. we can see showers in western maryland, we zoom in on areas, maybe travels are taking you thi
Jul 10, 2013 4:30am EDT
terrorism. >>> and the battle over immigration reform heats up again today. president obama will meet with the congressional hispanic caucus. and house republicans will meade today to see if they can move forward on a bill of their own. the gop said they're going to push for tougher border control. the senate version gives illegal immigrants temporary legal status and that does not sit well with many republicans. >> we have no moral obligation to do that. they came here to live in the shadows. they had to expect they were going to live in the shadows. >> democrats say they'll fight any plan that does not include a clear path to citizenship. >>> and there's a new threat to national security. it could be the person sitting right next to you. cbs news has obtained a training video made by the cia and the fbi. >> well, it just occurred to me the number of times he would change his screen as i would walk into his office. >> it explains what to look for if a co-worker is a potential leaker or spy. earlier i spoke with senior correspondent john miller and asked why the agencies made this vid
Jul 8, 2013 8:00pm EDT
television provider as the local part of your service. >> in 15 minutes, house gop leaders talk about student loan rates and first president obama and efficient government. then we have steny hoyer with university of maryland students. >> several advanced until you about. the senate judiciary committee will replace robert mueller as head of the fbi. then at 2:00 p.m. eastern from a memorial service for the 19 firefighters who died in arizona. they were members of the prescott fire departments elite choctaws. speakers will include joe biden, vice president of the united states. the nixon tapes from the summer of 1972. talking about key presidential advisers and south dakota's george mcgovern. >> president obama announces new management agenda for the federal government today. [applause] [applause] >> thank you. thank you very much. thank you, everyone. everyone please have a seat. well, thank you so much. back in 2007 when i was first nnr ts office, had the opportunity to visit google headquarters in silicon valley to discuss ways for democracy to come forward into the 21st century. after all
Jul 9, 2013 5:30pm PDT
house. first lady michelle obama hosted a state dinner for the kids today, a lunch, for the 54 winners of the healthy recipe contest. unlike formal state dinners, this time guests were encouraged to eat with their fingers. something president obama noted. >> michelle never said to me that i can pick up something with my fingers at a state dinner. >> he can't. we're not starting that. >> that's not fair. >> by the way, some of the finger food on the menu, picky eater pizza pockets -- say that five times -- and bring it on brussels sprouts wrap. sounds pretty good. >>> you have heard of the city that never sleeps. how about the building that never sleeps? an artificial beach with a sun that shines 24 hours a day complete with sand, man-made waves, even a sea breeze. it's one of the wonders inside the world's largest building in china which opened to the public. the building so big, three pentagons can fit inside it. it can house 6,000 visitors at a time. >>> in the words of steven spielberg, just when you thought it was safe to go back in the water. a new menace, take a look at this. a r
FOX Business
Jul 12, 2013 10:00pm EDT
wagging saying is that having obama consider the zero tripp option. appalling all troops from afghanistan leaving nine behind after 2014. >> the white house has made clear there is the zero option on the table. >> the state department pointed to the gina marie eight conference call th on the eve of president karzai visit to washington d.c.'' the president does not view these as a goal to keep troops in afghanistan. >> it is important to note we stated here, i think here but in public in january that's it was an option. >> it was a shotcross the about. th president is very upset at the karzai attitude in the fracturing relationship but he wants to say he still has the option to pull out the american rug from underneath him. >> that videoconference between the president and karzai would tip the balance civic i was told it was the unmitigated disaster. both presidents went after each other with karzai traing to cut off relations with the united states because we talked to the taliban and the president tries to get his agenda through to karzai if he is not liening. >> it also reminds people h
Jul 5, 2013 8:00pm PDT
. >> obama himself is calling around now trying to get people to put pressure on republicans in the house. >> and that's a way in which some senate republicans have arc you'd that the distractions -- have argued that the distractions helped. it allowed them to do quiet work on immigration. and for a president who has to learn quickly, particularly in a second term, how to apply different methods. we saw him on the gun control message and using the bully pulpit as much as he could but on immigration they knew these strategy was the opposite. if he put his name on it too much and out there too much, he would scare people, republicans. gwen: does that help his job approval? we see these numbers and they go up and down and much discussion about second term slumps and whatever. but he doesn't seem to be sinking like a stone. he actually seems to be, and meanwhile, congress still bumps along at 10%. >> there is a resiliency in some respects it's because him compared to who? he still looks more attractive, his approval so much better than the republican party. certainly than congress. the white
Jul 6, 2013 2:00am PDT
they can't agree. gwen: yeah. >> what they're likely going to do is what was crafted by house republicans and a counterpart among senate republicans was taking a page out of president obama's budget. in terms of taking -- setting student loan rates out of congress' hands and tying it to free market rates and a complicated formula. but there's broad consensus that's the way it should be done. the president agrees with t but then suddenly when they even agree, they think this can't be a good idea. >> senate democrats jumped in. the villain here if you're going to use that -- a report card show, the villains are senate democrats, tom harkin, chairman of the health committee which oversees education policy in the senate was not willing to sign on to even what the white house wanted. but this student loan issue, they're still likely to come back after the recess and do something retroactively. but still a lot of time has been spent on this. but this is not one case where even democrats will say on the hill, you can't blame republicans on this only. there's plenty of blame to go around. >> a sy
Jul 6, 2013 12:00pm PDT
is berkley number 52 and president obama put in emphasis private dierng room in the white house. this picture is seawall. from 1957 you can see he's moving away from a bit distraction toward the figure active. the next is a quash from 1956. he's always been interested in the angle of roads and what they did to your prospective of the landscape. and finally the coffee from depends looking grand. and the afternoon they moved to los angeles where we taught at ucla and for a few years this first picture is very much in the representational mode although it's quite a bit distracted and there's some or are more abstract then others. ocean park 97 from 1970. we're beginning to get involved in the a bit distraction he did 1 hundred and 35 pictures. then this unentitled picture from 1975 is my particular favorite pieces. and then alienation park 1980 they're getting quite spare here. and unentitled work on paperwork 1946. he's beginning to explore some earlier forms. my parents left in 1988 and moved to hillsborough california because he was ill most of the time they lived there certainly after his st
Jul 7, 2013 9:00am PDT
, quote, finalize the great victory. president obama spoke again saturday. white house says the united states does not support any particular party or group. the united states rejects the false claims prop gated by some in egypt that we're working with specific political parties or movements to dictate how egypt's transition should proceed. the u.s. has not been particularly close to the morsi government, but in an interview just an hour or so before morsi was ousted, the chairman of tjo chiefs of staff says military to military characters are the strongest they have been in a decade. >> i feel confident that we have a close enough relationship that they listen. at the end of the day it's their country, but there will be consequences if it is badly handled. there are allow that is bind us on how we deal with these situations. >> and you mean the u.s.? >> yeah. for instance, if this were to be seen as a coup, it would limit our ability to have the relationship we think we need with the egyptian armed forces. >> joining me around the table with some of the best experts on the issue. and
FOX News
Jul 9, 2013 2:00am PDT
to egypt. >> the white house just said no to those requests to lawmakers. kelly wright is live in washington to explain all of this for us. good morning to you. >> good morning. the obama administration is in a difficult position and has not called to ouster morsi in a coup. white house press secretary jay carney says the obama administration is reviewing obligations under the law and will consult with congress about how to move forward. the situation remains tense and fluid. the obama administration is calling on the military to exercise quote maximum restraint responding to protestors. however at the moment the administration will continue to provide $1.3 billion in military assistance to egypt. >> let me just finish. i think this is an important point you are raising is that the reason we have provided this aid in the past doesn't mean we have supported every action by the government of egypt but there are security interests in the region and in the united states. they continue sending funds saying while mow ma'am morsi is a bad they should suspend the aid and allow egypt to
FOX News
Jul 10, 2013 12:00am EDT
. >>> also coming up tonight next on hannity. >> the president's actions on obama care last week were stunning. i never thought i'd see the day when the white house, the president came down on the side of big business but left the american people out in the cold. >> house majority leader eric cantor joins me live after the break. he will react to the president's brazen decision to ignore a key provision of his very own health care law. >>> video of the day is back, have you three choices. the only winner will air in its entirety at the close of the show. here's a time for sneak peek number one. an unsuspecting woman caught on tape, attempting to hire a hit man to kill her husband. you get to vote on >> i'm not understanding you. you say you don't -- you say you don't -- >> it would be she knows you like no one else. and you wouldn't have it any other way. but your erectile dysfunction - you know, that could be a question of blood flow. cialis tadalafil for daily use helps you be ready anytime the moment's right. you can be more confident in your ability to be
FOX News
Jul 13, 2013 11:30am PDT
in which she said white house is known for the obama karin i havetation wouldn't work. top democrat called it a train wreck. they are trying to blame it on john baner. >> "usa today" puts out an article dash sorry, editorial, entitled the gop poisons obama care and then claims that it is sick. you like that report. >> i did. because i -- i think that there was a fair amount of that going on. and, yes, it is true that -- the republicans didn't like this and they weren't going to surrender. on the other hand, i think that they haven't as the usa editorial pointed out, they haven't actually funded government money to explain to the american people how it works and what they immediate to do to qualify and so it is no -- shouldn't be any surprise participation rates are lower than you would anticipate. >> what do you make of judy's argument? >> i think that she needs to read the full editorial because let's be clear. you have -- have you gannett who has taken "usa today" and become upper east side new york today. they are so left wing that they actually in this editorial criticize those who are
Jul 13, 2013 12:30pm PDT
the white house. this was not an obama-led takeover. >> by no means. >> helps provide an economic lifeline to giving this money and eventually help them stave off a civil war. that's part of the reason that brought this overthrow. the economy isn't doing well. >> several weeks ago, i predicted the egyptian economy was going to collapse because they run out of foreign exchange. they had no money to pay for food. so they are heading into a tremendous economic crisis and this billion and a half from the united states will help the military, but they are going to get $11 billion from various arab countries and they would not have gotten that if morsi was in power. so this is going to help egypt maintain itself as a coherent country. so in my judgment, this is the best outcome we could have hoped for. >> where did president obama go? >> he went to cairo? >> why? >> that's a good question. i ask myself that many, many times. he wanted to speak to the arab world in some way. >> i think he mentions in his biography that his close personal friend was an egyptian that he met there or about tha
Jul 13, 2013 6:30am PDT
will have another vote, count on it. >> the house already voted 37 times. 37 times to repeal obama care. is the 38th time going to make any difference? >> no. it isn't. and look, i am with you. the republicans made their point that they are against this. what i would like to see is them make some kind of defining some parts of obama care, and go after some of the most unpopular parts. >> we are going to be talking about obama care for years to come, guys. thank you so much. nice to see both of you today. thank you so much. >>> coming up, more on the obama care delay, delay, a punt, a dropped pass or a flat out penalty? the president delays a major component of the health care law. small business now makes a call on the play next. [ all ] fort benning, georgia in 1999. [ male announcer ] usaa auto insurance is often handed down from generation to generation. because it offers a superior level of protection and because usaa's commitment to serve military members, veterans, and their families is without equal. begin your legacy, get an auto insurance quote. usaa. we know what it means to s
Jul 6, 2013 6:30pm EDT
in college. i know how hard it can be. the spring when president obama proposed letting the market sets rates instead, the has reflected house his play. the pulpit the senate came to the table similar ideas. unfortunately, democrats attacked the plan. refused to work with us and allowing this rate hike to take for the holiday without passing a solution. because of this in action, millions of undergraduates who want to take out a subsidized stafford loans are being told that one have to pay an interest rate that is double what they were expecting. that is just not right. you deserve a fair approach. one free of politics that allows you to take advantage of lower rates and have more peace of mind. that is exactly what we have been working on. in the house, we have not just talked about it, we passed it. we the democrat senate to act. on behalf of students and parents across the nation, i call on senate democrats to join with us and help pass a bipartisan student loan reform when the senate returns to work next week. and president obama should do his part by urging his fellow democrats to work w
Jul 8, 2013 6:00am EDT
as attention shifts from the senate to the house. president obama is expected to take a more public role at that -- as the debate takes place in the week ahead -- weeks ahead. but u.s. officials keep an eye i combustible political situation in egypt well in the u.s., the president defends a list of federal employees set to be affected byhe
Jul 9, 2013 11:00am PDT
now, a peninsula girl and her mom are at white house this morning having lunch with first lady michelle obama. >> from menlo park, california, rose, age 12. >> rose is one of 54 winners in the nation-wide recipe challenge as part of the "let's move initiative," and says this is one of her favorite events. >> we get to see how talented and creative and brilliant all of you young people can be. we get do show the world. we don't just get to see it, we get to taste it! >> some of the dishes include ceviceh with man go and risotta with kale. >> kaepernick is more than just about tattoos for the photo shoots but here is a behind the scenes look strip down for the espn magazine "body" issue with other pro at least hitting the news stands on friday. he says he considers his arm to be his best physical skill. when asked if he would change anything he said his legs. >> he thinks they are too skinny but he is working on making them stronger. >> he is in good shape! >> just ahead, an update on the investigation into the crash >> possible big change in america's involvement in the war in a
Jul 8, 2013 11:00am PDT
house monster smashes at the lone ranger was a obama.bomb. the minions wl have a movie coming out next year. and the murray won at wimbledon this weekend. he became the first brit to win and 70 + years. he increased his earnings potential probably buy an extra $20 million a year. he has won two grand slam events, last year's u.s. open and this year's wimbledon. he gets closer to fetter who novels and $70 million a year. he increase his value by winning. you need to think that way as an investor. does take a look at what you should be doing in your 20s. one of the biggest questions that i have thrown at me, where should i be? we'll do a top-10 list of commands you want to start planning. you want to start coming up with i need a million dollars suit give me $40,000 a year when i retire. you want to live within your means. i took a lot oof vacations in my 20s that i did not have to take. they off your credit card debt, could that like mortgages and that bad debt like credit cards. you can't earn 18% more a year so why pay more for things that you are buying that you may or may not need.
Jul 9, 2013 12:35am PDT
. this week at the white house, president obama will present george lucas with the national medal of arts while joe biden will present him with some fan mail for yoda. [ laughter ] make sure he gets it. you guys, the east coast is in the middle of its first big heat wave of the summer. it's so hot that it was impossible to tell the difference between the naked cowboy and people who were just visiting from texas. [ laughter ] can i have my picture with you? i have no idea. you guys read about nsa whistle blower edward snowden? yeah. well he's been offered asylum in venezuela, nicaragua and bolivia. or as snowden put it, prison it is. [ laughter ] there we go. thank you for the offers. actually edward snowden who fled the country after exposing the u.s. government spying program has spent the past two weeks stuck in the moscow airport. that's where he is. he's hanging out in an airport somewhere. and you think there's not much to do when you're stuck at an airport. we actually got a hold of edward snowden's to-do list. yeah. i don't know how we did this. [ laughter ] >> steve: wow! >> jimmy
Jul 11, 2013 5:30pm PDT
obama at the white house. >> once you say doing nothing is not an option, you have to move in a direction to be bipartisan. and once you're bipartisan, you're going to get some progress that can get something done. so again, it's not going to be the same exact thing as we believe, but at the end of the day, hopefully it'll be close enough that we can come to an agreement. >> we are in no way big-footing the members of the house of representatives. we'd like to see legislation along the lines of ours, but we can work with them on different pieces of legislation. we want legislation that we can go to conference on, that we can get a majority vote in both houses. >> suarez: house republicans will now consider four separate bills, with a concentration on border security and enforcement of existing laws. none offers the possibility of citizenship. but minority leader nancy pelosi warned today of the consequences of not acting quickly. >> i think delay can create problems, but i'm ever- optimistic. so i believe that we will have immigration reform for the simple reason that the
Jul 13, 2013 9:00am PDT
. president obama called on the house to act arguing that the nation's economy is at stake. >> here in america we've always been a nation of immigrants. that's what's kept our work force dynamic, our businesses on the cutting edge and our economy the strongest in the world. under the current system too many smart hard working immigrants are prevented from contributing to that success. >> joining me is democratic congresswoman whip for the hispanic caucus and member of the agriculture committee. good day to you. >> good morning or good afternoon where you are. >> good afternoon from me where i'm at now. you and other members of the hispanic caucus met with the president and vice president on wednesday to discuss this very issue of immigration reform. what did you hear new from him? >> well, i think the important thing is not what was new but rather there's a new reenergized effort by the hispanic caucus and the president. it's a priority issue. it's a legacy issue and immoral not to act. we really need to get it done now. i think the president's statement this morning reflecting on what it mean
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